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Multi Purpose Kit Bag a.k.a. Air Compressor Bag

Multi Purpose Kit Bag a.k.a. Air Compressor Bag


17" long, 9.5" wide, 10.5" tall

This multi purpose kit bag with a large dual zipper opening is designed to serve several main purposes and thus offers great versatility: It is perfectly sized to hold your air compressor and associated air-down/up gear and stowe away nicely in your rig.


A single bag is a great size for a weekend getaway trip to carry all your personal clothing items. For longer trips or if you expect warm and cold weather, 2 of these will be perfect to separate your cold weather gear from your warm weather items. Having a label pocket allows you to easily create content labels and stay organized at a glance or who the bag belongs to. These bags will also make great recovery gear bags for tow straps and shackles, snatchblocks, D-rings etc.


Designed to be stackable (square-ish) to minimize wasted space in your vehicle and to stay organized. Perfect for a weekend trip - Fits:

2 pairs of long pairs

2 pairs of shorts1 Hoodie

2-3 T-shirts

3 pairs or socks

3 pairs of underwear

1 towel

1 toiletry bag


Made from 1000 denier Cordura with wrap around nylon straps, these bags are certain to offer a robust and durable solution to you gear stowage problems.

Made in Canada.

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