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G.A.R.B. 2.1

G.A.R.B. 2.1

DM for Group Buys (discounted price)


The Coyote and Olive are MIL SPEC materials and cost an additional $10 extra for the more expensive materials! The new G.A.R.B. 2.0 (Garbage And Recovery Bag - formerly Garbage And Recycling Bag) will be of even better outstanding quality, made from the trademarked US Made 1000D Cordura to the Nylon webbing, thread and buckles. Still hand crafted in Canada, it will offer even more functionality and customization than ever before! orders will take 7-10 days before they ship! features: - Optimized storage and customizable - Huge pocket in upper lid with massive horizontal zipper - Original design bag retention system via simple snaps, no more tying knots around D-rings - Internal straps for traction boards and other long items - velcro divider inside to split both sides if desired or run as a large single compartment - Molle on the sides with optional pockets (to come) - G.A.R.B. logo on the lid All GARB 2.0. The 2.0 will come in 2 forms, a Regular version and a Mil Spec version! The difference will be in colours (COYOTE and OLIVE) and Mil Spec certfied materials only.



  • Instructions

  • Care instructions

    To maximize the longevity of the materials used, it is recommended that you rinse your GARB off with water when they become covered in mud and dust. This will reduce the abrasion effects over time. 

    For those in sunny climates, it is highly recommended to use UV fabric protector. We recommend 303 UV Protector. 

  • Warranty

    At this time we offer a 2 year craftsmanship warranty.  An example would be a seam coming undone due to improper back-stitching or a stitch line too close to an unfinished fabric edge. Upon discussions via email, phone or video chat, we will come to a solution to have the product repaired or replaced. 

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